Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the shop

Back in the shop with my car. They hadn't been able to find the problem last week and today was the soonest I could give it up due to errands and things. I'm going to be so mad if they can't find anything. I'm still certain that it's one of the sensors.... which is really annoying because it's going to need to be replaced. *sigh* I'm bitching... I know... just annoyed.

On the bright side I've been able to get some work done for my portfolio this week. It was DESPERATELY in need of being updated. I only had two pieces in it that were worth sharing. All my old stuff is way out of date and definitely not worth showing. Later today I'll post the one I finished last night. It's of an Asian Dom holding a fan. I LOVE how it came out.


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