Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Car Trouble

I don't know what other people's experience might be with their cars but I've come to the conclusion that my next car is going to be a Honda or a Toyota. My Saturn is fair when it's at it's best and really anoying when it's at it's worst. I should rename it "Murphy" because it works absolutely fine till you go to look for problems... and then it's just about to fall apart.

I take my car in for an oil change on Sunday. I hate taking my car in for oil changes because every time I do I find that something else is either going to fall off or break or whatever. First my radiator is corroding... again, then I find that the battery I put in about a year ago is not holding a charge properly (luckly I have a 6yr warrenty on it). And now, just two days after the oil change my car is back in the shop because the engine light went on. They tell me it could be the sensor to the crank shaft, the crank shaft itself, or the onboard computer. My car has blown sensors before as well as fuzed the lightbulbs in my fog lamps to their sockets. My bet is on the sensor dying. Not happy about this.

The really anoying part is I don't touch the radiator. I know where it is and what to do if need be but I typically don't touch it. The dealership I usually take my car to is supposed to top off all my fluids including the coolant every time I take it in for an oil change. I suspect that they have been topping it off with tap water instead of a water and coolant solution and that is why there was almost no coolant left in the radiator and why it was starting to corrode again.

I want a new car. I want a hybrid. Man this sucks.


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