Sunday, February 8, 2009

Need a suggestion.

I've been getting the urge to do a "fan art" piece(something I haven't done since high school) and I need the help of anybody reading this to decide what to draw.

I want to do a cheesecake/beefcake shot of 1)a Marvel or DC Character, 2)a (not the) test subject from Portal, 3) a character from Legacy of Kain.

Yeah, those are some strange ones but these are all things I want to do and just can't decide where to start. :)

Thanks guys. :)

Coming up on tomorrow's post...
What conventions will Josh and Kat be attending in '09 and what's up with that book of theirs, Titanium Rain. :evil grin:



Damian said...

Even tho I'm a huge fan of Kain and Raziel I'd have to ask you to do Vorador or the Elder God!

Kat said...

oooh. Yeah, I was initially thinking Raz... but Vorador would be very cool.... hmmm. :wheel turns:

Bluemeanie said...

Cheesecake shots? I always tell people now to do a sexy Bride of Frankenstein coz that always rocks, but if you want a DC one.... then lets think, pale, insane, hot...

oh yeah.. Harley :)