Monday, February 2, 2009

Update and Rants 2/2/09

Spent this weekend getting new furniture!! Hurrah!! I don’t care what people say, Ikea rocks and their instructions are NOT hard to follow.

We got a new entertainment center (because the old one took up too much room w/ not enough storage space) and a new computer desk for me (a wood plank on top of a set of drawers does not a desk make.) As well, we rearranged the room now so the Josh and I have a much better, more sensible work space. Now the next project is to get either a new dresser or get a bed with storage under it. Would prefer the later, but we’ll see.

Ok, time to rant about things on my mind:

Quentin Tarentino: WTF Happened?! Josh and I watched Grindhouse this weekend. “Planet Terror” = amazingly awesome … “Death Proof” = god awful!!! Don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that it really freaking sucked. Didn’t even get through it all. Just fast forwarded to the end. It was like watching a Kevin Smith movie. Lots of witty, wonderfully written dialog that went NOWHERE and NOTHING HAPPENED!


What happened to him? Has he just given up on making “movies”? A bunch of talking scenes strung out together does not make a movie. A movie has a plot and a story structure and actually goes somewhere. This did not. Act One in a two hour movie should be done within 20 minutes max. I should know the characters, the setting and possibly have the set up for the conflict established in that time.

Hell, LOTR did that, and they had a full 9hrs.+ of story to tell. Our main character and the 4 supporting characters that the story followed were all established as well as an introduction to “The Ring” by the end of Bilbo’s party.

This is what watching tons of MST does. Makes you very critical. I think every film student should routinely watch MST because they point out all the things NOT to do when making a film. And lots of scenes of nothing is definitely on the list.

Political reporting: Don’t want to get too much into politics here but this I gotta say. Obama hasn’t even been in office for two full weeks yet…. Why are you already keeping a running tally of what promises he “has and has not” kept? Why people? Give the man a fucking chance! I mean, I’d expect something like that from the Limbaugh crowd but from CNN?!

And why did you give it such a stupid name? The Obameter?! *pulls hair* You think we’re all morons don’t you? Or at least, you think the weekend crowd is a bunch of morons, right? *shakes head* first the “science expert” and now the Obameter. I’m really growing to hate their weekend programming.


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Bluemeanie said...

But I WANT an Obameter!
I also want him to fuck up just once so some commentator can say "Thanks to Obama its a dark day for the country" and then do that "Oh fuck... what did I just say" look at the camera.

Im a practical retard and I can put together Ikea stuff, even the complicated shit. Anyone who cant should be drowned.

And Tarantino.. yeahhh. Loved Dogs and Fiction. Hated Jackie Brown
Kill Bill pt 1 - RAAAYYY!
Kill Bill pt 2 - zzzzzz
Death Proof - really dont fancy it at all so havent watched.