Monday, April 20, 2009

I hate my car.

New battery for Saturn = $86
Estimate on a new starter for Saturn + labor = $486
Getting Honda registered and smog checked w/ DMV = $280

Knowing I’m not driving a crappy American car anymore… priceless.

Yep, my car died last weekend in front of my in-laws’ house. A month ago in AZ I had the same problem. Lights turned on but no sound. Thought it was the battery so I replaced it. Obviously that wasn’t the only problem.

Now, normally I’d try to cash in the warranty on the new battery and replace it again… but this time the stupid thing won’t even start when I jump it. It’s dead dead. Which tells me that it’s most likely the starter that has gone. And that, I simply can’t afford to replace.

So, we got Josh’s Honda all re-registered (don’t ask why it wasn’t before) and it’s all good now.

As for my car, I’m planning on either selling it for parts or donating it to charity. I haven’t decided yet. Probably sell it for parts… depends on how much they offer.

On to happier news!
Got the postcards back from the printer for Titanium Rain! Whoo Hooo!! They look awesome. Josh did a fantastic job. I’ll post a picture of what they look like soon. We’re planning a trip up and down the Southern CA coast, going to every comic book shop we can think of at the end of May. We will also be mailing them out to different stores around the country so if you have a store to recommend, please do so.

Comic Geek Speak just updated their website (yah!) and both Josh and I have contributed an art piece each that will rotate with others on the homepage. Please visit their site at to check it out.

And last, in my quest/obsession to completely master Portal, I have purchased the Orange Box. Why? Because the version of Portal there has different achievements than the Still Alive version downloadable through Xbox Live. So, I was whittling away at that this weekend. Whoo Hoo. I will master it all! Bwaaa haa haaa!


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