Friday, April 24, 2009

Good News & More Good News

Good News: My car does not need a new starter. It need new wires that connect the battery to the starter. $12+ elbow grease vs. $486 = much better. Now I can get a decent price for the stupid thing when I sell it. Yes, I still plan on selling it.

More Good News: Do you remember that thing for Titanium Rain that I said we were getting? That thing that you could wear but it's not a t-shirt? Well, they came in... and look-it how cool it is!!! Whoo Hooo!!
You want one, don't you. I know you do. Well, stay tuned and closer to June I will tell you how you can get one of your very own. :evil grin: Yes, I'm going to make you wait because I'm evil that way.... and we have to finalize some deals first. ;)


1 comment:

Damian said...

Damn... I don't want to wait... I want one now!

I can add it to my BPRD ones heh