Monday, September 8, 2008

Need another day.

I need another day for the weekend. I miss working only 4 days a week. Even though Fridays are 1/2 days for me, I miss having the full day.

I flubbed a drawing this weekend. Sucks. I have the bad habit of doing a great drawing but for ONE little detail that causes eschers in the drawing and then I wind up spending massive amounts of time and effort trying to make the mistake work... and not realizing that that's the problem.

So a full day of drawing down the tube... normally it might bother me a little but I'd try to shrug it off and move on... but unfortunately my hormones are psychotic right now. I'm serious. That's not an exaggeration. I wound up freaking out, attacked a tree with multiple makeshift bats (two of which I broke) and drawing something that I didn't really care to be drawing in the first place.

Thank god Josh is the level-headed one and he calmed me down and got me to draw what I've really been wanting to draw for a while now.... and I'm very happy with the results. The piece is inspired by a picture that Josh did a few weeks ago of two anatomically correct robots "enjoying" each other. It's an incredibly sweet and sexy picture and I wanted to do a version myself... so I spent last night drawing a big, powerful robot cock with a hot robot man to go with it. :evil grin: Tonight I’ll be working on the hot robot lady to go with him.

I’ll try to post the picture here once it’s done, but I’m warning you now, it’s not for little eyes to see. J

Other than freaking out I had a nice weekend. Went out for pancakes early Sat. morning… something we haven’t done in a loooooong time. Went to Balboa Park, went to the LCS where I picked up the latest MPD Psycho book, finished Boogiepop a Dawn, and booted lots of head with Josh playing Castle Crashers. Basically took it as easy as possible.

Will start working on TR#3 again this week. Looking forward to that. It’ll be good to get that under way and finished.

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