Friday, September 12, 2008


Finally finished the sketch I'd been working on for a few days now.... shouldn't have taken this long but life gets in the way sometimes...

Anyway, I must say that this piece was extremely influenced and inspired by (in fact the scene and pose is exactly the same as) a piece my husband did in his own style. The piece was so...... well, hot and erotic that I had to do it too using my own style..

So here it is...

If the "Warning, Adult Content" pop up at the beginning of this blog didn't warn you before, it's your own fault.

As I've said in the past... I like'm big! :evil grin:

Also worked on a new way to sign my name for this one. I've always really liked the Japanese "chops" for signing pieces but couldn't figure out how to do one that included my name.... the ones I've made in the past were just these weird technical abstracts that looked cool but gave no indication it was me... this one has my initials in it. :)


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Damian said...

Not what I was expecting from the description you originally posted but it does remind me alot of the Bjork film clip All is full of love