Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One of those days when you wake up and ask yourself “Where did I put my gun?”

Please people… for the love of god or Hostess Cupcakes, PLEASE STOP THE FEARMONGERING!!! OMG I wanna punch somebody I seriously do. If ½ the people who were claiming that we are going to be sucked into a black hole because of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland would just shut up and read the science behind it the world would be happier place.

Fact 1: Nature slams particles into each other IN OUR ATMOSPHERE much faster than this thing can and we are still here. No black holes. This has been Emperically proven. Wanna know how. Look around you. We’re still here. Look at space. It’s still there. Nature has done this time and time again, a million time over millions of years and everything is still here.

Fact 2: The chances of any black hole being created is next to Zero. These people are good scientists. They don’t know what’s going to happen so they can’t say w/ 100% certainty… but they’ve got some pretty good ideas about what won’t happen… see Fact 1.

Fact 3: In the small, minute, tiny, microscopic chance that a black hole is created, it will be a micro black hole. What does that mean.. well, a black hole typically is the size of and has the force of the thing that collapsed to create it. The black holes we are familiar with are caused by collapsing stars. The super colider is smashing together Protons. Things that require a very expensive microscope to see. Much much much smaller than a star. These protons are going to smash into each other with the force of two mosquitoes. So, if a micro black hole is created it will be the size of a proton and have the suction force of a mosquito… which means it won’t have any suction force at all and will dissipate almost as soon as it is created.

Don’t believe me. Read it yourself on the LHC website It’s all there.

:sigh: people suck sometimes…. Ok. That’s it. I’ve said me piece.



Spring said...

There's a helpful website up that you could point people to.

Has the LHC Destroyed the Earth?



Kat said...

Actually, because of the name I've stayed away from it. Sounded like it could have been more fearmongering... so it's not? That's good to know. :)