Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The King is Dead.

In the realm of video games, my most favorite type of all is not FPSs or RTSs. Nope, it’s Spacial-Puzzle games, and for nearly a decade now Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain was the king of them all. No mater what other games came out or how advanced the graphics were, Soul Reaver was always the superior and what I used to compare other games to.

I LOVED this game… still do. How you had to flip boxes to make pictures or had to know how to crawl, float, and "bampff" around in order to set off certain things. Things you had to time just right. Things you had to line up and angle just right. How you had to be clever and use your environment to your advantage. And how there were puzzles you didn't need to solve in order to beat the game. They were just there for extra fun (something I always appreciate).

Sure other games have come close. Most notably is Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. But none have ever bumped Soul Reaver from the top spot… That is… until Portal came along… and oh man have I been bit hard by the obsession bug. This game is amazing!!! Especially because it’s all physics so if you have an understanding of physics you can do almost anything. How you have to throw yourself off of extreme heights in order to get the momentum to leap great distances. How the environments take on an almost Escher quality as you fall through a floor in order to pop out of the wall on a ledge somewhere else.

And when I say I’m obsessed w/ this game.. I mean obsessed. It’s only been two days now since I got the game but already I’ve got a paper Weighted Companion Cube sitting on my desk at work, I got the “Still Alive” song from YouTube.

And once I get my paycheck I’m buying the soundtrack. I’m even giving serious consideration to getting the “The Cake is a Lie” shirt from Jinx.com (and I very rarely get shirts that reference things like games.) Honestly, if they started marketing the GLaDOS eyeballs, I’d probably buy one… just to have it. It’d go nicely w/ my HAL 9000 Desktop.

EDIT 10/30: Screw the "The Cake is a Lie" shirt. On Valve's website they have this amazingly awesome GLaDOS shirt!!! AHHH!!! I want it now!! I hate being poor.
They also have their own cake shirt... which I'm considering but GLaDOS takes precedence over pastries.


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