Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't know how to feel about this...

I just read on LITG that Birds of Prey is being canceled. Now, after Gail Simone left I stopped reading it because the guy they got to replace her was just writing soap operas for girls and I hate that crap... but I thought the title was still worth keeping around. I guess DC didn't agree. :shrug: Oh well. Yes, I'm kinda sad... but not as much as I would be if Gail was still on the title.

:shrug: Oh well.

On another note, the Art Adams fraud is both messed up and hilarious. Since I work with identity theft victims to keep a steady income, I am very familiar w/ the world of false impersonation and this... this is something else. Incredibly messed up in fact since not only is this person preying upon the good name of a good artist, but they are taking advantage of other artists.

It's hilarious because of how LITG did his investigation... not even covering up who he was or hiding what he was doing... and the dumb ass STILL fell for it. Serves the bastard right.
I hope that somebody finds out specifically who this person is and brings to them proper justice.


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Bluemeanie said...

Still reckon they have pulled all the Batman satellite books to bring out a "Gotham..." something weekly once Trinity's year is up.
Think we'll have an anthology with Birds of Prey, Robin and Catwoman