Monday, November 24, 2008

This week's update.

I’m on Skype now!! Whoo hoo!!! I’m so happy about this. Broke down and got a upb microphone last week and had wayyyy to much fun talking with Chandra and Damian over the weekend. I love it!! I can talk to one person in FL, and another person in AU in real time with no perceivable delay!! This is soooo cooool!!! Wish I had done this sooner actually. But procrastination is one of those things I’m trying to fix…. But I always wind up putting it off. (boy, you didn’t see that coming a mile away, did ya?)

In news along the lines of my last post about my “wonderful” computer, I found that a decent web-cam for a decent price cannot be had because I’m on a Mac, not a PC. Sigh. I really wanted to get one because it was just too cool being able to talk to Chan and see her and I felt a little weird with her not being able to see me as well. Guess the web cam will have to wait till I get the new computer. (can you believe you can get a lap top with a 1TB hard drive?!! AMAZING!!)

And in other news, Josh and I got Saints Row 2 over the weekend and wasted wayyyyyyy too much time playing it. :evil grin: Ok, going to speak video game blasphemy here but I honestly don’t like playing the GTA games. I get bored really easily. There isn’t enough stuff to do given the amount of space you have. Sure, it’s cool to run around a virtual version of a real city… but when an entire barrio of NY only has three things you can actually do in it… is it really that cool? That and GTA4 really should have been a linear game, not an open world setting. It was too serious and too controlled of a plot… and it had no empire building which is the only reason for me to play those sorts of games.

SR2 is AMAZINGLY FUN!! There is something to do on almost every corner and more stuff opens up every time you complete a mission. I played for a good 4 hrs. and there was so much to do outside of the main story missions that I barely touched the main story. I highly recommend this game if you like raising hell. J


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