Monday, November 24, 2008

Spend your hard earned cash and receive absolutely nothing!!!

Ok, I just read a comment on a friend's LiveJournal and I see a button that says "click here to send a virtual gift." and I think "this isn't real.... is it?" and I click. Do you know what I found? You can send little pictures of things to people for real money. Yes, you pay real cash to send a picture of something to somebody. You can spend $.99 to send a picture of a flaming turd to somebody... why? Why? It's a picture. A picture! I can take a screen shot of it and email it for free. And hell, for a buck I could mail a real turd to somebody I didn't like. There is even a picture of pieces of candy corn that have bites in them... for $.99. WTF?! :shakes head: I just don't get it. I mean, being a gamer I could kinda understand why people were buying and selling items on eBay for MMORPS (though I thought that was kinda retarded too.) but this... this really take the cake in stupid.

And the sad thing is, it wouldn't be there if people didn't do it.

I'm in the wrong business, I swear.


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