Friday, January 2, 2009

Xmas Crafts

Sadly this is not all of the things we made. Some of the pictures didn't come out (probably because I wasn't shooting in good lighting) so I don't have all of them here. :( I'll post them as soon as I take the pictures (luckily the missing pieces are at the in-laws.)
Here is the infamous "Nutcracker Pimp." Josh and I were very happy with how this came out. Especially the hat and the pimp cane. :) Since we had been playing Saints Row I found it very funny to put the flure de le bling on his chain. I don't know if you can see it too well but I painted pink zebra stripes on his pants over the red. Also, after this picture was taken I added another large ruby ring to his right hand. That pimp'n arm has got to be strong, yo. :)

I love how this Tiki came out. It started out as a Gundam Goon kit we got for nearly nothing at our LCS and I couldn't have asked for a better model to work off of. It had so much canvas space on it that we could just go nuts and do whatever we wanted. It was Josh's idea to make this one a Tiki and he spray painted it brown. Then I painted in the details and made the grass skirt out of twine.

50's Bug Robot. Same model kit as the Tiki but with a few odds and ends added to it. Josh did a great job on this one. I personally love the props on his hands. :) There are model parts from a Tatchikoma model kit as well as a Black Widow (sorry, don't remember the official designation at the moment.)

And What Xmas is complete without a Santeria Alter. Voodoo Doll complete w/ pins in all the right places, doves placed just so, waiting to be sacrificed, and symbols of power written in blood. gotta love it. :) Again, Josh did a great job!
Gotta love the Gundam Hot Rod. Same model kit, this time Josh spray painted it silver, then I painted the flames on it. The back has flames too as well as more racing stripes down the legs. This one took For Ever to do. Seriously. I thought it would never get done. The problem was I had to do one layer of paint, wait for it to dry, then either do another color or touch up that one layer (the yellow has 2-3 coats on it.) Took me 3 evenings to do it. Oh well, at least while it dried I could work on the other ones. You can't see it very well in this picture but I was really proud of how the flames on the arms came out. I think next time I might just do the whole thing in silver w/ red flames.

And last, for now, is the Gundam Clown. Again, same kit (you can see why I love this model?!) I saw the "nose" part of the model and just had to do a clown. Started out as kind of a "joker" bot but he needed more color so now he's just a clown. :) Had fun gluing the red hair to the head. That was... um.. interesting. I'd never worked with doll hair before and it kept falling out. But, in the end I got it all to stick. Josh put the monocle on it last once it was all done. I think it adds a unique look to it.

I will post more once I get better pictures. What is missing is the "Polar Bear Xmas" that Josh did as well as the Vlad Tepesh Nutcracker (complete with Dracula Trophy.)

I will write about how New Years was next time too. :)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!


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