Friday, March 6, 2009

Three red lights of death

Holy fuck, we're a statistic now. I turned on the Xbox to play Portal and the fucking 3 red lights of death popped up. My Xbox is a paperweight now!. God this sucks. Now I gotta get a new one. :(


UPDATE: I take it back. Microsoft is an awesome company. I went to their website to see how much they would charge for repairs... and the answer is NOTHING! This is awesome! Apperantly if your 360 is less than 3yrs old (which all of them are) and you get the 3 red lights of death, they will repair it for free for you. I think they are even going to pay for the shipping. This is too cool!
I knew they had good customer service before (from experience) but the fact that they are willing to do this past the normal warentee makes me extreamly happy. You definately wouldn't get this kind of service from PlayStation. Thank you Xbox for being so awesome!


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