Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TR News and Random Thoughts.

TR News:
First, the important stuff. Titanium Rain has it's own twitter account now. Huzzah!! So if you are on twitter, please follow us at http://www.twitter.com/TitaniumRain. As well, though I can't talk about it much, I can tell you that great things are in the works for Titanium Rain (besides more issues) such as new content for the website. Look for updates in the next month or so. :)

Zeta: Something happened this morning that just absolutely made my day. Last week I entered a contest on the Superheros-R-Us website to win a copy (out of three available) of the new Zeta DVD box set that came out... today actually. Well, this morning my inbox had a lovely email from these fine folks telling me that I had won the contest. I am so happy. I loved this show when it was on TV but rarely ever was able to catch it. I wish they had done more with not only this show but the Batman Beyond universe... but oh well. I can't wait to get this and watch it. :big grin:

And Finally:
I am very touched and honored that my friend Deseri liked the Death's Head piece that I did for her so much that she is indeed going to have it done as a tattoo. She had asked me to design something for her but didn't say what. Just said to draw something meaningful. To me she is very beautiful and kind, but also very strong and has a low tolerance for bull. Though she is very feminine, she is too strong for an image of a butterfly, so I opted for a creature that has the same semblance, but is not as fragile (at least to me).
I gave her a print for her birthday and didn't tell her what it was, figuring that this way there was no obligation to get the ink if she didn't like it. She said that she knew at once when she opened it that it was going to be her next tattoo. I almost cried (sappy I know but, hey, it meant a lot). I'm going to go with her when she gets it done in a few months. :)


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