Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally posting my sketch.

Finally posting the sketch I did last weekend. I am so happy with how this came out. It's been several months since I've been able to sit down with paper and pencil and do some real drawing other than little doodles. I think my skills have improved since the last time I did this. I am so happy. Going to try to make time to do this at least once a month... aiming for once a week but no garentees.

In other news, check out the Kryptographics podcast in the near future. Josh and I recorded a Kick Ass interview with them last night. Damian and Brian are awesome!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Results are In..

My car is back from the shop….*sigh*….. three days and $150 later to find that my car’s on board computer, in effect, blue screened and it just needed to… well, basically be restarted.

Oh that is so retarded. Luckily my garage has good people working there and they didn’t charge me anything extra besides the initial price of checking it out but still… *growl*. That was the WORST time for my car to decide to do that. The WORST. I know car problems never happen when it's convenient but last week was the worst possible time as far a stress levels and general life go.

I'm so glad that's over... at least for now.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the shop

Back in the shop with my car. They hadn't been able to find the problem last week and today was the soonest I could give it up due to errands and things. I'm going to be so mad if they can't find anything. I'm still certain that it's one of the sensors.... which is really annoying because it's going to need to be replaced. *sigh* I'm bitching... I know... just annoyed.

On the bright side I've been able to get some work done for my portfolio this week. It was DESPERATELY in need of being updated. I only had two pieces in it that were worth sharing. All my old stuff is way out of date and definitely not worth showing. Later today I'll post the one I finished last night. It's of an Asian Dom holding a fan. I LOVE how it came out.


Friday, August 15, 2008

I've been manga'd

Hannah on the CGS forums posted this place where you can get a manga avatar of yourself made... so, what the hell. I did it. :) Kinda cool. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Car Trouble

I don't know what other people's experience might be with their cars but I've come to the conclusion that my next car is going to be a Honda or a Toyota. My Saturn is fair when it's at it's best and really anoying when it's at it's worst. I should rename it "Murphy" because it works absolutely fine till you go to look for problems... and then it's just about to fall apart.

I take my car in for an oil change on Sunday. I hate taking my car in for oil changes because every time I do I find that something else is either going to fall off or break or whatever. First my radiator is corroding... again, then I find that the battery I put in about a year ago is not holding a charge properly (luckly I have a 6yr warrenty on it). And now, just two days after the oil change my car is back in the shop because the engine light went on. They tell me it could be the sensor to the crank shaft, the crank shaft itself, or the onboard computer. My car has blown sensors before as well as fuzed the lightbulbs in my fog lamps to their sockets. My bet is on the sensor dying. Not happy about this.

The really anoying part is I don't touch the radiator. I know where it is and what to do if need be but I typically don't touch it. The dealership I usually take my car to is supposed to top off all my fluids including the coolant every time I take it in for an oil change. I suspect that they have been topping it off with tap water instead of a water and coolant solution and that is why there was almost no coolant left in the radiator and why it was starting to corrode again.

I want a new car. I want a hybrid. Man this sucks.


Little something

Little something I did last week. Felt a little down that day. Really happy with how it came out. Copic markers and a little touch up in photoshop.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SDCC 08 Wrap Up w/ Pictures

Another SDCC come and gone. As always there was a ton to see and lots of people to meet.

Tuesday: Josh and I kicked it off early with a dinner with the CGS guys in Old Town. Bryan knew of this great little mexican restaurant that had excellent food really cheep.

Wed: We picked up Charlito and Mr. Phil from the airport and took them to a local teriyaki and sushi restaurant. Took them around town for a bit of sight-seeing and then we met back up with some of the CGS guys at their hotel. Hung out for a bit and then we all headed down to the Convention Center. Previews night is always crazyness. I swear it gets more busy and hectic each year. There were so many people on the convention floor that it felt more like a Friday than Wed. We knew this was going to be the best time to check out the con and see all the cool displays and movie stuff, and we took the opportunity to do so. We saw the Owl air ship for The Watchmen and the Bat Cycle from the old Adam West show. As well, I got to meet Nicole de Bore from DS9. She is one of my favorite actors. I’ve loved her since before she was on Star Trek, when she was on The Outer Limits and Forever Knight... so I geeked out on her and got really tongue tied. She was very nice and didn't seem to mind. Later that evening we had dinner with the ISR guys and called it a night.

Thursday: Was a blur. We met all of our fellow ASP creators at the booth and hung out for a while talking to people and getting the word out about Titanium Rain. Then at 5 we headed upstairs for the pod-casting panel. This is the first panel Josh and I have been to in years. Lots of joking and fun ensued as they all discussed the future of the medium and comics. Then we all headed down to the Tilted Kilt for dinner. I wasn't expecting much but their burgers were amazing! Definitely a place to check out if you are ever in town.

Friday: Much like Thursday. A blur of crowds and comics and geeks. That night though brought THE con story for us for this year. Josh's chair was stolen by Stan Lee.We went to a party at the Hard Rock Hotel with the ASP crew. It seemed to be mostly filled with Hollywood types and business people so us comic guys all kinda gathered in a corner by the bar and hung out. Then this bouncer-looking guy came over and told us that the table had been reserved and we had to move. There was no "reserved" sign that we could see but we all moved anyway. In walks Stan Lee himself. He comes over to the table we had just been sitting at and sits down right where Josh had been sitting. It was so surreal.

Saturday: Titanium Rain Issue #1 came in! It looked so good. We stayed at the booth almost the whole day. Josh and I were very happy with the response Titanium Rain got from the crowds. As well we had a few returning fans from Utopiates come find us including Super Fan Mike.We also met Jennifer Q and Emil from The Bond of Saint Marcel. I've been wanting to read this book since I found out about it a year ago and I was so excited to not only read it but talk to the writer herself. That night we had dinner with Jennifer Q, her husband and Emil at the Joe's Crab Shack behind the convention center. Josh and Jennifer talked shop most of the evening as well as what all Emil has been up to and working on.

Sunday: Last day of con. Worked the booth and left a bit early. The previous 4 days had finally caught up with us. We said goodbye to everybody and finished up any business we had.

Monday: Last day to hang out with our friends from the east coast. Went out to dinner with Charlito, Phil, MobilHome from the forums, Peter Rios, and Fred Chao of Johnny Hiro. Then we spent a wonderful evening back at their hotel, just hanging out and having fun.Great Con! Great Friends! Met some awesome people. Overall, this was a good year.


Loot and Swag: Motoko figure from Ghost in the Shell: SAC Second Gig, original piece from Matthias Wade, original piece from Chandra Free, all three issues of Primordia

Shout Outs (in no particular order): Everybody at the ASP booth, the CGS guys, Charlito and Mr. Phil from ISR, Jimmy from CNI, Bob and John from CBP, Super Fan Mike, Michael (Crazy Mary) Colbert, Jennifer Q and Emil from Bond of Saint Marcel, Evil Twin comics, Bushi Tales, Matthias (Jetta) Wade, Torchsong, Jimmy Trout, and everybody from the Comic Forums who stopped by to say “Hi”.