Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Titanium Rain hard cover news & Super Show 2010

Ah, it's been a while but here is the next blog update.
First, Titanium Rain news:
For those of you who have preordered Titanium Rain, or those of you who are waiting for the hardcover to come out I am happy to dispel your fears and say that Titanium Rain vol. 1 is NOT CANCELED. It's just been delayed. Not due to publishers or distribution or any of the normal reasons you hear about, but due to a foreign government. Yes, seriously. Often in comics, companies will send their graphic novels to China to be printed because it's cheaper there. And so, our publisher did as well because that is where they send all of their books. Unfortunately the Chinese don't like our book and attempted to sensor it. Printer by printer they were denied, told that the book was offencive and, in one instance, "pornographic". Basically, the book has been banned in China. BUT, with that said, S. Korea has agreed to print it and the other two as well. With any luck, it will be at your LCS in the next month or so.

In Other News:
Super Show 2010 in Reading, PA was AWESOME. We just got back last nigh and have to say that the guys from Comic Geek Speak put on an amazing convention and we can't wait to go back next year for more. I wore the pink dress as promised all day on Sat. and at the after party as well. At the show there were artists like J.K Woodward, Mike Norton, Danielle Corsetto, and many more. The 501st Storm Trooper Legion was there too, posing with the kids and "keeping the peace".
You can find out more about the show at

In two days, Josh and I will leave for Wondercon in San Francisco. If you are going to be there, come see us at the Archaia Booth #813.