Monday, February 6, 2012

More from the land of SPAM

I wish I could have that Monty Python song play everytime I post these.

Anyway, the spammers have been busy this last week.

"The elder sent me to ask you if we could have one of the arrows so we can begin to make the small spear points for it." -

If somebody can tell me what THIS is all about, I would dearly like to know. So far the leading guess is the Mormons sent a bot to the Utopiates page because of the title "Tip of the Spear"... but who knows.

"Hi! my celebrity is Jully. I would like to meemeet respected urchin  This is my homepage -..."

I want to meemeet a respected urchin!

"My family is terrible at this. I however am the dishwasher tetris wizard.-tetris theme here-"

This spam was directed to the page of Utopiates where The Junky tries to commit suicide, realizes he doesn't have it in him, and goes back for more drugs. So I guess this person is terrible at suicide attempts, so instead they play tetris in the dishwasher.

"For this purpose imagine a monitor made around the earth and then a vehicle progresses it having a speed on the speed of sunshine."