Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Signing at Rising Sun Creations December 5th, 2009

This December has been a busy one for Josh and I so I apologize for how long it has taken me to update this blog.
On December 5th, Josh and I along with our very good friend Jules Rivera (of Marsh Rocket fame who also created the promotions poster) had a signing at Rising Sun Creations located in Mission Valley. The turn out was great!! We were busy all day talking to customers and we drew sketches for people. We had a video interview with Cammy's Comic Corner Podcast, and a hip hop band on tour gave us free copies of their cd's. It was a total blast. I haven't had that much fun in... ever sitting behind the table.
Afterwards we went to dinner with Jules and her husband Alex as well as Josh's cousin Chante and her two friends, Kevin and Ihimu who came into town from Orange County.
As soon as I get the link from Cammy, I'll post the interview. Until then, please enjoy this picture slide show. And thanks to Kevin for taking these wonderful pictures.