Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Of Fish and Tarts

For those of you who may not know, is an online news service and editorial column that promotes itself as "working towards raising the awareness of women's influence in the comics industry and other realms".

I hardly read them… if ever. Usually because the substance of their articles consists of things like how the Wonder Woman of the late 60's was depowered longer than the Superman of the late 90's. [*]

Occasionally though, I will hold out hope that maybe they have gotten better and my next visit won't be as bad as I last remembered it. Sadly, my trip there yesterday was not that day.

What was it that I found? Well, I’m going to warn you. It’s really stupid. And strangely enough, had nothing to do with feminism or comics. I guess it fell in that “other realms” category.

The reviewer apparently took a trip to a Red Lobster and was disappointed that it wasn't a five star meal.

Think about that for a moment.

This person actually wrote a “snotty, food-critic” review, on a comics site, to share the brilliant discovery that Red Lobster is a run-of-the-mill fish house.

Unless you've been living in the jungle for the last twenty years (or have never heard their jingle) you know that Red Lobster is NOT a high class restaurant.
Will you get a better meal than at Long John Silvers... Yes.
Will you get a better meal than Apple Bee's... that's debatable.
NOBODY goes to Red Lobster and expects to be eating at a classy establishment. That's just silly.

So what was her “high and mighty” review of her visit? Well, besides the required gripes about the food quality, she objected to the restaurant patroned by many families with children under the age of seven, people liked lots of butter on their lobsters, and she got her entree before she had finished eating her salad.
And no “feminist “ commentary would be complete without at least one reference to porn, which was her description of their commercials and her excuse as to why she went there in the first place.


I spent the better part of last night randomly bursting out into fits of giggles thinking of this article. Not because of the content so much, but that this review was posted on Sequential Tart of all places. What does this have to do with comics, or feminism? It’s like the reviewer ran out of ideas and just decided to gripe about her dinner because she had a deadline coming up.
If you want to read this article, you can go HERE. Because I believe that people who are willing to make a fool of themselves publicly should be shared with friends. That way, we can all laugh together.


Spooky Chan said...

-next up she reviews McDonald's, and how it cannot compare with her local burger joint... and what's up with these toys for JUST girls, and JUST boys anyways?!?!

[there i made her next feminist argument for her.]

Seriously though- this isn't even quite personal journal banter either. It's like she's been asleep for the past 2 decades, and woke up to this new place Red Lobster.

...i don't get it. Where's the comics?

Jules said...

Oh my god that shit is HIGH-LARIOUS! Why are the ads pornographic? They just show food for crying out loud. Going to Red Lobster and bitching about the experience is like jumping into a cesspool and complaining about the smell. Of course it sucks! Anything mass-produced does!

I promised myself I wasn't going to make the obvious women/fish-eating joke but I can't help myself: What's the matter honey? The fish didn't taste as good as your girlfriend's?