Thursday, August 20, 2009


That's right! New art to show!! Whoo Hoo. I know it's been a while but I've been working hard with Josh on Titanium Rain... of which the Double-Sized issue one will be out next week. :)

So, here is my latest piece. It is a "fan art" piece of Good God from Chandra Free's The God Machine currently in the August Previews (a book you must checkout). I'm very happy with this piece because this is my first full attempt at digital painting.

Before working on Titanium Rain I was always afraid to tackle color and stuck to b/w. While working on TR, Josh has been teaching me digital painting techniques and all about lighting. How to use colors to convey mood and how best to create a strong composition (as I usually do pin-ups of girls floating in space. ;)) So, this is my first piece testing out these skills and I'm very happy with the results. :)

I picked this piece to do first as Chan's artwork has helped to inspire me on how I want my paintings to look. Her use of hard shadows and harsh lighting is absolutely beautiful and helped me to be inspired on how I would give that effect on my own pieces.



Ninja Mountain said...

Great work, Kat!


Jules said...

Dagnabbit, woman! Who do I have to blow to get you to do some fan art for me??